On Wednesday, the Trump Department of Justice announced its intention to begin looking into illegal discrimination via affirmative action practices at colleges around the country. This is well worthwhile – it’s obviously discrimination to prevent people of certain races from receiving college slots because their ethnicity or skin color isn’t “correct.” But the Left immediately declared the DOJ’s new policy a “dog whistle.”

Then Dictionary.com got into the act.

Dictionary.com is the world’s leading digital dictionary. Its definitions come from Random House, Collins, American Heritage, and other dictionaries.

It’s not supposed to be political, obviously.

Here’s what they tweeted:

This is obviously an Orwellian political definition. One could just as easily have defined Jim Crow as “encouragement of representation of white people, not discrimination against people of other races.” Except that it was the same thing: favoring people of one race obviously disfavors people of another. It’s a zero-sum game. Hilariously, even Dictionary.com shows this definition from The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy:

A term referring to various government policies that aim to increase the proportion of African-Americans, women, and other minorities in jobs and educational institutions historically dominated by white men. The policies usually require employers and institutions to set goals for hiring or admitting minorities.

NOTE: Affirmative action has been extremely controversial. Supporters maintain that it is the only way to overcome the effects of past discrimination and promote integration. Critics dismiss it as “reverse discrimination,” denying opportunities to qualified whites and men. (See Bakke decision).

So no, it’s not a tautological dictionary definition to say that affirmative action isn’t discriminatory. That’s Orwellian doublespeak, actually.