A Palestinian man from Nablus has confessed to slaughtering his 29-year-old pregnant Jewish mistress. On Wednesday, Mohammed Kharouf told a gaggle of reporters outside of Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court that he carried out his barbaric crime as a symbolic act to help free Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli prisons.

However, investigators believe that Kharouf ‘s crime was motivated by passion or some sort of domestic violence incident.

The victim, Michal Halimi, was far along in her pregnancy, meaning that Kharouf appears to be morally responsible for two deaths. Halimi and Kharouf were purportedly involved in an emotionally intense extra-marital affair prior to the murder.

“Halimi, who was married to another man, was far along in her pregnancy when she was murdered. Investigators learned that she had left her home in Geva Binyamin and moved in with Kharouf several months ago,” reports Haaretz. “The couple intended to get engaged and posted a large number of photographs of them together on social networking sites.”

But the adulterous relationship soon turned deadly.

Halimi disappeared on May 28. After months of searching, police found her body last week near the town of Holon in central Israel.

“Kharouf allegedly met with Halimi in the sand dunes near Holon on the day she disappeared, and killed her there,” explains Haaretz. ”He confessed to the murder under questioning and reenacted it for the police. He confessed to strangling Halimi, hitting her on head with rocks and then burying her body and fleeing.”

But Kharouf didn’t carry out his cold-blooded crime alone. He allegedly had help covering it up. Police have already arrested a handful of Arab accomplices.