Anyone even slightly familiar with the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin understands how you break a society, maybe forever. Certainly government violence, the threat of violence, the curtailing or stripping of basic human freedoms has something to do with it. But as we have seen in various cultures, including our own in 1776, it takes something a whole lot more than that.

If a government is going to destroy a society as a means to turn its people into mindless, unquestioning subjects, it must go beyond violence, torture and tyranny; it must break the human spirit within each and every one of us. In order to create willing subjects, the State must force us to betray ourselves — to willingly believe lies, to willingly violate our own conscience, or as Orwell so strikingly portrayed it, to willingly accept that 2+2=5.

Once a free people is pressured to give in to what Soviet writer Boris Pasternak described as the "inhuman reign of the lie," once a society willingly surrenders its moral and intellectual conscience to the State, only then is that person and/or society truly broken and by extension made a useful and willing tool of the State.

From Lenin to Stalin to Hitler to Castro to Mao to Chavez, the "inhuman reign of the lie" is a well worn tactic used by socialist tyrants. In current times, right here in America, it is a tactic increasingly used by the leftwing tyrants in our national media and Democrat Party.

Look around. At this very moment, 24/7 through the corporate-funded news media, 24/7 through most everything pumped out of corporate-funded Hollywood, we are relentlessly bullied into believing men are women, illegal immigration is good for our economy, Islam means "peace," a sign declaring a "gun-free zone" stops rather than encourages madmen, praying in public oppresses others, 5-year-old children should be allowed to choose their own gender, homosexuality is not a sin, global warming is real and creates terrorists, the federal government is the answer to every problem, and our national media is a non-partisan watchdog.

The American left understands that every individual who can be bullied by the Beautiful People — bullied by peer pressure, by the promise of acceptance, by threats of being labeled a rube or bigot — into believing these (and many other) audacious lies, is nothing less than another slave to the State.

And between 2008 and 2016, our very own president worked tirelessly to be his own Castro and Hitler, primarily through his namesake Obamacare.

The least of Obamacare's inhuman reign of lies involved those about keeping our insurance, premiums going down, or even the very idea that health care will improve through even more intervention from the federal government.

No, what is truly malevolent and evil about Obama and Obamacare, and intentionally so, is the attempt to break or destroy Christian religious institutions by forcing them to violate their conscience. Obamacare offers religious institutions only two choices. They can either fund abortion and birth control through the health care they provide or they can choose not to provide health care and pay a crippling fine to the State.

Any religious institution that gives into this is, without question, selling its religious soul, violating its religious conscience, on the road to being forever broken and therefore closer to being a useful subject of the State.

And this is the ONLY reason Obama put this mandate into Obamacare. It is ONLY there to oppress the religious and break their spirit. We know this because there is no good reason not to exempt religious institutions from this tyranny. Forcing the religious to provide services that violate the core foundations of their faith does absolutely nothing to help the overall Obamacare program work.

Again and again and again on the campaign trail, Donald Trump told us he understood this, made us believe that killing the inhuman reign of the Obamacare lie was a top priority. Again and again and again, Trump used the horror story of the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Christian institution fighting against this mandate for its very conscience and existence, to illustrate his promise.

Then, after being elected president, Trump used the signing of an executive order to assure us he had kept this promise.

And now, six months into his presidency, two months after the signing of this order, we learn from The Daily Caller that President Trump's very own Department of Justice is still persecuting the Littler Sisters of the Poor, that absolutely NO relief has been offered, that it is as though Obama is still in office, that Trump has not even come close to keeping his promise, that his executive order was pure hustle.

As long as Trump passes his agenda to stop illegal immigration, keep us safe from international terrorists, builds that damn wall, reforms the tax code, repeals Obamacare and destroys the media, I do not give a damn how he goes about it, how much chaos he causes, how much anxiety results from his tweets, his words, his violations of those precious norms…

Trump can play with all the fire he wants and play as dirty as he likes. As long as it is in pursuit of his stated agenda, other than illegality or violence, everyone who loves their country should have his back.

But to discover that a full six months into this presidency that the Trump Administration is mercilessly enforcing Obama's reign of terror against the Little Sisters of the Poor, and has done so as recently as Friday … that is nothing less than a betrayal.

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