The trailer for 9/11, a film based on the play Elevator by Patrick Carson, dropped over the weekend, and some Americans are voicing their displeasure.

The movie centers on five people trapped inside an elevator in the North Tower on September 11, 2001. Aside from the film looking incredibly cheap and somewhat exploitative, most people seem to be troubled by the casting of Charlie Sheen as the movie’s protagonist.

Sheen is an avid 9/11 “truther.” Speaking with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in 2006, Sheen said:

The more you look at it — especially specific incidents, specific events in or around the fateful day — it just raises a lot of questions …

We’re not the conspiracy theorists on this particular issue, you know? It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75% of their targets — that feels like a conspiracy theory.

… I saw the South Tower hit live — that famous wide shot where it disappears behind the building, and then we see the tremendous fireball. … There was a feeling … it just didn't look like any commercial jetliner I've flown on any time in my life. And then when the buildings came down, later on that day, I was with my brother, and I said: “Hey, call me insane, but did it sort of look like those buildings came down in a controlled demolition?”

In a later interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Sheen said: “It doesn't add up. A lot of it doesn't add up.”

Twitter was quick to criticize Sheen and the 9/11 film:

You can catch this cinematic monstrosity in theaters September 8.