In late 2016, the Obama administration began a propaganda campaign with its news media allies pushing a "collusion" narrative linking the incoming Trump administration and the Russian state, according to analysis from Michael Doran.

Doran made his remarks during a Thursday discussion panel in Washington, D.C., hosted by The Hudson Institute.

Doran described the aforementioned narrative as a propaganda campaign pushed by the Obama administration, its subsequent executive branch holdovers, and their news allies:

What we have is a coordinated attack between elements in the press, elements in the bureaucracy, and [Obama era officials and loyalists] weaving this vast Trump-Putin-Russia conspiracy theory, which doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

Barack Obama sought to "tarnish" his successor's presidency, said Doran, framing the incoming Trump administration as co-conspirators in a political subversion operation against America's presidential election; Obama's posture as hawkish toward Russia was done toward this end:

When did [Barack Obama] institute those sanctions [on Russia]? The last weeks of December, exactly when the White House started a propaganda campaign to depict Trump as Putin’s puppet. That is what it was part of. … Remember the Vermont dam that the Russian supposedly hacked into? That was a result of that very speedily put together Homeland Security report on Russian hacking, which was a joke.

There was a huge effort by the Obama administration in the last weeks to raise this issue of Russian hacking when they did nothing for eight years before.

Let’s not forget Hillary Clinton’s [Russian] reset. Let’s not forget President Obama turning to Medvedev and saying that after the election he was gonna be much more flexible. Let’s not forget all of the intel that showed that the Russians were about to make a big muscle move in Syria, and we did nothing. ...

We did nothing until December 29, just before the Trump inauguration.

Democrats are suddenly masquerading as hawkish toward Russia despite their years-long appeasement of Russian President Vladimir Putin's projection of state power in the international arena, said Doran:

One of the psychological benefits to the Democrats of this Russian collusion nonsense is that it had completely whitewashed the appeasement of the Russians by Obama. We’ve just forgotten all that.

The Department of Justice's appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to pursue an open-ended and nebulous investigation was without merit, said Doran, noting non-existent evidence to suggest any collusion between the Donald Trump's transition-team-turned-administration and the Russian state:

It’s a principle of law that you can’t have an investigation of somebody without probable cause [of the commission of crime]. There’s no probable cause for collusion between the Trump administration and Vladimir Putin. …

You can’t have a special investigator going around and rooting through all of the lives of people unless there’s probable cause. …

Mueller has no right to be rooting through the files of every Trump official hoping to find some kind of connection to the Russians. There’s no evidence.

Casting Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a "puppet" of Vladimir Putin — a narrative pushed by Democrats and their news media allies — amounted to an "absurd Hollywood comedy," said Doran:

The moment this became the most absurd Hollywood comedy is when Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III — Senator from Alabama — was put in the frame of being a puppet of Vladimir Putin. That’s the moment when we all should’ve said, "What is wrong with this picture? This is ridiculous."

Doran commented on the fraudulent "dossier" hyped by left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets such as CNN and BuzzFeed:

That was oppo research produced first by Trump's Republican opponents, then paid for by Hillary Clinton, and then three weeks before the election, the FBI may have paid money for it and was putting people on their payroll [to investigate it].

Robert Mueller's conduct as special counsel was also suspicious, said Doran:

Now we have Robert Mueller hiring the people who obviously have vendettas [against Trump]. Mueller has a relationship with Comey, a friendship with Comey. He's hiring people who have strong Democratic ties and reasons to be opposed to Donald Trump. How much can those of us who don't agree with this to begin with trust the results of [Mueller's investigation] when he sends those signals. ... The results of that report are going to be tainted before they ever come out.

Doran predicted that Democrats and their news media allies will attempt to preserve the aforementioned narrative until at least 2018.

None of the panelists commented on ongoing collusion between left-wing news media outlets and the Democrat Party to subvert American politics.

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