On Thursday, CNN's Chris Cillizza issued perhaps his most embarrassing tweet yet, a string of breathless OHMYGODs in response to a report that the wife of Polish President Andrzej Duda supposedly stiffed President Trump's handshake.

The only problem, like so many breathless "Fake News CNN" reports these days, is that it simply wasn't true.

The false report eventually made its way to President Duda himself, who took to Twitter on Thursday to smack down the "FAKE NEWS" pushed by CNN and others.

"Contrary to some surprising reports my wife did shake hands with Mrs. and Mr. Trump @POTUS after a great visit. Let's FIGHT FAKE NEWS," wrote Duda.

It's moments like these that you'd hope that Cillizza and his colleagues at CNN would take a breath, recommit to good old fashioned journalistic standards, and agree to count to ten before tweeting or reporting or opinionating in an effort to save their sinking brand. But even as their ratings collapse (here's a look at the numbers from last week — they're devastating for the formerly "Most Trusted Name In News"), CNN continues its unhinged crusade against Trump, which is clearly doing far more damage to them than him.

As for those plummeting ratings, for some perspective, not only is CNN trailing far behind both Fox News and MSNBC now (check out the numbers from last Tuesday below), it's now losing to ... Nick-at-Nite. Ouch.