Rapper Calls Shapiro 'Racist Ass.' So Shapiro Breaks Him On The Wheel Of Logic. [UPDATE: The Carnage Continues]

Rapper Talib Kweli Greene, hearkening back to a year-old tweet issued by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro regarding Trayvon Martin, called him a racist, precipitating an exchange on Twitter in which Shapiro proceeded to demolish him. The exchange was triggered by Greene responding to a woman who tweeted Shapiro was her hero:

That triggered this classic response from Shapiro:

Greene decided to dig the pit he was in a little deeper:

Shapiro responded:

Greene, headed for the cliff at full speed, redoubled his efforts:


Greene, closer to the cliff:

Well, he asked for it: 

 Greene, nearing the cliff:

And one final push to send him over: 

UPDATE: There was more later in the day. Though Shapiro signed off Twitter, Greene kept up the barrage. Shapiro noticed, and tweeted:

Which prompted Greene to fire back:

Shapiro replied:

But Greene wouldn't leave well enough alone:

To which Shapiro responded:

Greene still didn't get the hint:

So Shapiro ended the conversation:


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