Appearing on CNN Saturday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) had the following exchange with Fredricka Whitfield regarding the Democrats' drive to find material with which they can impeach President Trump:

WHITFIELD: "Are Democrats seizing on a position of payback, so to speak, against this president, who tried to delegitimize President Obama with the whole 'Birther' movement, [and] denying a hearing for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland – and if so, what's the risk in doing that?"

WATERS: "Well, the fact of the matter is, without all of that – and, I mean, those were outrageous kinds of actions that he took. You know, talking about Obama was not born in this country, etc, etc. What he has done since he has been president is outrageous.

He has not provided legitimate leadership. And this last action – that he was involved with [Rep.] Nunes, and I do believe that he was involved – they concocted a scheme by which it would appear that somehow, his accusation about being wiretapped was real, and he tried to convert that into talk of possible surveillance where his people were picked up, you know, during surveillance, you know.

He has done so many things to show he doesn't understand government; he's not willing to learn. He doesn't learn from his mistakes. Instead of learning, he gets up the next morning, and tweets something else all over again. Most people believe that he is about diversion, that he's about keeping people from really dealing with the issue.

We wanna know whether or not there was collusion. We wanna know about the hacking into the DNC, and the interference with our elections. And I really wanna know because I know if we can prove collusion, that he is impeachable. Lotta people don't want to talk about that, but I do. I want to talk about him; I want to talk about this Kremlin clan that's around him... and I think that those people – Republicans, people in some of the small towns and rural communities that are standing with him now – they are not going to be able to stand with him when they understand the danger he is to our country..."

Parsing that verbal soup, one can see that Rep. Waters doesn't care about finding the broad truth, rather, she cares about finding dirt on President Trump.

Whitfield was barking up the right tree with her question. Can a party stuck on vengeance be trusted to conduct an impartial investigation? The answer is in the question. No, they cannot. With all the talk of Republican collusion and scheming, it's the Democrats who need to be closely observed.

Their drive is not truth, but incriminating evidence. As such, the Democrats are susceptible to the temptations of obstruction, evidence manipulation, and the propagation of false conclusions.

When it comes to the Democrats versus Trump, one must maintain a critical eye. Progressives will kick up as much dust as they need to in order to get what they want – impeachment. They are not seeking truth; they are seeking revenge.