WATCH: New Song Mocks 'Friends in Safe Spaces'

Fed up with Millennial Snowflakes hunkered down in their 'safe spaces?' We've got a ditty for you.

A new song parody hit the web this week, and the usual comedy suspects had nothing to do with it.

Trevor Noah? Stephen Colbert? The team at “Saturday Night Live?” No, no and no. isn’t attached to it in any way, either.

Why? It hits a target most comedians avoid – those far-left college students who reject free speech while claiming to be fair minded.

That opened the door for one YouTube superstar and a veteran cutup to create what could be the first official song of the Snowflake Generation:

Introducing “Friends in Safe Spaces.”

Sung to the tune of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places,” the parody is the handiwork of comedian Steve “Mudflap” McGrew and Chad Prather.

The duo recently appeared at Comedy Works in Denver for a series of shows aimed at Red State America. Both lean to the right, politically speaking. And each isn’t afraid to go where most comics fear to tread.

Here’s a few sample lyrics from the song:

“Blame it all on our roots, we never wore boots, we never once played in the streets. Feel very bitter, got news off of Twitter, we just can’t handle defeat.”

“This can’t be true, America’s through, and to the safe spaces we went …”

“I got friends in safe spaces, if you don’t go with us then you must be racist, that’s our catch phase ... where’s our latte?”

“Give us an hour, we’re delicate flowers, we just need an embrace!”

Participation trophies. CNN. Michael Moore. Coloring books. They’re all name-checked before the song wraps.

Read the full article on Hollywood in Toto

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