Ever since I started the Moron Alert column, I consciously kept the quota at one per week. Given the tremendous amount of fake news, the stupidity that occurs in Washington, and how the left continues to descend into utter disarray, there would be far more Moron Alerts than President Jimmy Carter has peanuts. For that reason, I normally limit myself to sharing the most outrageous thing said during the week.

Thanks to freshman US Senator from California Kamala Harris, the target of my inaugural column four weeks ago, I had no choice but to grace The Daily Wire's readership with a second Moron Alert in a week. Not even Chris Murphy and his tax return chew toy could survive the required scrutiny to earn this distinction.

All it took was this tweet.

Let me break down this dumpster fire point by point.

1. "Muslim Ban"

No, Kamala. Trump's executive order, which the Justice Department announced is going to be scrapped and replaced, was never a "Muslim ban." It specifically targeted seven Muslim-majority nations out of nearly four dozen that exist in the world that President Obama formerly targeted as a concern for visa programs back in 2016. The executive order barred refugees from those countries for 120 days, the equivalent of four months. Thus, it was a temporary move that would force the Department of Homeland Security to determine new means to vet refugees from nations that both the Obama and Trump administrations say have issues with radical Islamic terrorism. That is not a "Muslim ban." You are spreading fake news.

2. "Hatched in the Basement Headquarters of ISIS"

Are you seriously insinuating that President Trump's decision to temporarily halt refugee programs from these seven nations would have been done by a genocidal radical Islamic terrorist group? Islamic State has put Yazidi girls through sex slavery; destroyed ancient sites; ethnically cleansed Christians around Iraq and Syria; imposes a strict interpretation of Sharia law in all of its lands; killed Palestinian-Arab refugees in Syria; and beheads American-born journalists. If you honestly believe that Donald Trump's modus operandi is similar to that of Islamic State, then you either a) have no idea how indisputably evil and barbaric Islamic State is or b) you know exactly what Islamic State has done for years and you have such a low view of the Commander-in-Chief of the nation you publicly serve in. Neither of those things are becoming of a US Senator.

Furthermore, Islamic State mentioned several times that it would exploit the current refugee crisis to enter unchecked into Europe and the United States. If it wishes to use a refugee crisis to send its terrorist scum into the West, then why would it possibly create a "Muslim Ban" that would prevent most of its members from entering into the United States to begin with? Clearly, logic escapes you.

This tweet is indicative of a progressive mouthpiece who goes in front of large crowds to speak about multiculturalism and intersectionality without having the slightest clue as to the legitimate issues that the United States of America faces abroad and at home from murderous thugs who proactively call for the destruction of the values and the society that this nation was founded upon. Kamala Harris represented the left's unbelievable stupidity and naivite in this singular tweet. For that reason, she is the first individual to receive more than one Moron Alert distinction.

Congratulations, Kamala! You're making a Trump victory in 2020 that much closer to being a reality.

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