Weird Sex Act Ends In Tragedy: He Came, He Saw, He Died

A German woman who professed that her lover abused her found a unique way of exacting her revenge: using a circular saw to cut off his head.

The woman, 32, named Gabrielle P., is now on trial in Munich after the murder of her boyfriend in 2008, who has been variously named as Alex H and Sebastian H in the German press, according to the Telegraph. She is accused of killing him while he was tied to the bed and blindfolded while they participated in a sex game. Prosecutors allege the woman killed her lover, then decapitated him. His body was not found until February 2016 in the garden of the house in which the couple lived.

Gabrielle P admits murdering her lover; her attorneys claim it was unpremeditated act of desperation. They claim Alex H forced her to take part in degrading sex games, prompting the murder.

The couple met when she was 16; they moved in together when she was 18. She told the court, “He was two different people. The one I fell in love with was cultured and funny.” Her attorneys plan to offer a diary where she delineated the degrading sex practices he forced her to execute.

She ejected him from the house in 2008, later allowing him to return, but prosecutors allege that was a ruse to get him to return so she could kill him. The night of the murder, he blindfolded himself with a pair of diving goggles blacked out with masking tape, then ordered her to tie him to the bed. She is accused of holding the running circular saw through his chest. She then allegedly cut his head off. The body was only discovered after she took a new lover, Christian K , who helped her bury the body.

Alex H’s adoptive parents were told he had moved to Romania with a new girlfriend and wanted to break off contact. His adoptive mother stated, “Gabi is lying. I’d like to look into her eyes and see if she’s really such a cold monster.”

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