Senator Tim Scott Drops Most Epic Tweet of 2017 in Response to Racist Calling Him 'House N****'

On Wednesday, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was peppered with racially charged attacks from leftists who disapproved of his support, as a black man, for Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Sessions has been wrongfully slandered as a racist by the left, despite the fact that he's successfully prosecuted a murderous KKK member with the death penalty and helped to desegregate schools. In other words, if he's a racist, he's really bad at it. Of course, Scott's Sessions-backing sin is just an add-on to his other, greater leftist-deemed sin: being black while Republican. 

But the senator with a target placed on his back by the "tolerant" left handled such vitriolic attacks like a boss.

For example, when one brave online warrior referred to Scott as a "house n****" — a derogatory term used to describe black people who are supposedly submissive to the white man — Scott replied: "Senate."

A classy, high road response and a one-word dagger rolled into one; the tweet instantly went viral. The senator was able to expose the leftist for their ignorance and racial hatred while avoiding an escalation of tensions with such a witty reply.

The tweet has since by deleted by the cowardly leftist, but a screenshot was captured by The Daily Wire, as seen below: 

Scott was further attacked by Twitter leftists: “A White man in a black body: Tim Scott backs Jeff Sessions for attorney general,” read one tweet. 

Scott again replied with wit to knock-out the racist: “Is that like a Liger?” Scott answered, making a silly reference to the cult-classic Napoleon Dynamite.

Scott's grace and wit highlights in even more stark colors the intolerance of racist social justice warriors. 


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