Crazy Talk Show Host Goes Nuts After White Cop Shoots Muslim Terrorist At Ohio State

An internet talk-show host in Los Angeles lost any semblance of reason after the violent rampage of Somali-born Abdul Razak Ali Artan at Ohio State University in which eleven people were injured, one critically. Tariq Nasheed decried the public’s description of campus security officer Alan Horujko, who shot and killed Artan before he could harm any more students, as a hero.



Nasheed, who was described as an “ex-street hustler” by Newsday in 2001, calls himself an “anti-racism strategist” and “Constitution advocate.” Of course, Horujko is white, so Nasheed pointed out in his tweet that Artan was black, making this cause enough for him to doubt Horujko’s heroism.

Nasheed’s tweet engendered quite a response on Twitter:

















Nasheed unabashedly praised brutal Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro after his death last week, then tweeted this, showing how extreme his thinking is:



It shouldn’t be surprising that Nasheed tweeted his incendiary remark about Horujko; it’s only surprising that his rhetoric and racism didn’t extend even farther. 

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