Fox’s Scream Queens has left few Republican public figures unscathed from snarky, conservative-bashing yet infuriatingly funny parody. Megyn Kelly, Jeb Bush, Cindy McCain, Mitt Romney- you name it- are all on the Scream Queens hit-list this fall. Season 1, Episode 5’s honorary victim: Texas senator Ted Cruz.

Let’s recap:

A comedic horror show featuring a university sorority that is haunted by a mysterious serial killer (or killers, depending on which character you believe), Scream Queens cracks jokes and an awful lot of screaming while poking fun at the modern liberal university’s most picked-at population on campus: college Republicans.

Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), the blonde president of Wallace University’s most popular sorority Kappa Kappa Tau, is as stereotypically “white upper-class” a character as you’ll ever meet. She’s a stunning, filthy-rich, feminine, pampered, aspiring future Megyn Kelly who hates taking Women’s Studies courses and loves coordinating her latest-style outfits with her friends.

Not that Chanel has any friends. Rather, Chanel has minions whom she treats like her servants and has renamed Chanel #2, Chanel #3, Chanel #4, Chanel #5, and Chanel #6. Chanel #4 died of meningitis before the show began, and Chanel #2 was killed during the show by the mysterious Red Devil.

If you ascribe to Chanel’s conspiracy theories, Chanel #2’s death was all the evil plot of the late sorority housemaid Ms. Bean, whom she believes returned from the dead in order to take revenge from the Chanels after Chanel had plunged Ms. Bean’s face in a boiling fryer and then dumped her dead body in a freezer. Ms. Bean was fat and lazy as hell anyway, Chanel justifies.

But Ms. Bean’s death catches up with Chanel in Episode 5, when Detective Chisholm interrupts a class where Chanel is in middle of cheating on an exam with her hired “Asian” in order to arrest her for murder.

Locked away in prison and feeling defeated that her “friends” may have turned her in, Chanel befriends her new prison mates Millie, Eva, and Maria. She laments that her mega-wealthy father refused to bail her out because he was in middle of planning a fundraiser for Ted Cruz and could not afford to tarnish his reputation over her arrest.

And then I asked my dad to bail me out and he's all like, "We have a big stockholders meeting coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm about to endorse Ted Cruz, so I'd rather not do anything that could get me bad press right now, like being the father of a murderer and stuff."

“Don’t worry, Chanel,” Millie says. “We got your back.”

Chanel gushes over her new friendship with the prison mates, knighting them “besties for life.”

But as soon as the prison guard announces her bail’s been posted, Chanel pulls out a “later, losers” and with the whip of her blonde ponytail, saunters out of the building like a boss.

As for who posted the bail; Chanel #3’s dad was kind enough to send her $300,000 for textbooks, “no questions asked.”

It’s pretty obvious which political affiliation Fox’s Scream Queens considers to be “evil."The show, while refraining from criticizing actual hate groups and crime-ridden populations, does a spectacular job at unfairly portraying white people as the enemy to all mankind and Republicans as the source of all manipulation and entitlement.

Based on this narrative, it can pretty much already be predicted of which race and political party the Red Devil killer will be, once exposed: white Republican.

But you’ll just have to wait for the next recap to maybe find out. Bwahahahaha.