Scream Queenshard bias against Republican leaders is no secret. However, this time critics are calling the show’s attack against a Reagan-appointed Supreme Court Justice “over-the-top,” promoting a “glorification” and at the very least a “justification of violence against conservatives.”

Fans watching Fox’s Scream Queens tried to guess who the killer might be, as last week’s episode gave a new face to the mysterious Red Devil: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Scream Queens has the politically conservative Scalia, an opponent of gay marriage and affirmative action, get beaten up physically in this episode by the university’s Dean Munsch.

Munsch, a bitter feminist tenured faculty member who hates kids and ignores terrorists until they specifically target her, often takes advantage of her conservative students ideologically and even physically. In the video below, the liberal Munsch gloats over not taking issue with "immorality" while sleeping with Kappa Kappa Tau president Chanel #1’s trisexual boyfriend Chad Radwell, in a private discussion with the sorority security guard Denise Hemphill.

Munsch: Can I just say what a relief it is to be able to share it with somebody and not feel judged? You know, I mean, all my girlfriends are like, ‘That's immoral.’ ‘You should be ashamed of yourself!’

Hemphill: Ashamed? What the hell you got to be ashamed for? You should be proud. A foxy lady your age getting some sweet coed tail.

Munsch: I could've lost my job. And it wasn't even good, you know? I mean, it lasted, like, 45 seconds, and the whole time, it just felt like I was getting stabbed in the abdomen.

Munsch’s liberal persona has a profound similarity to the character’s real-life actor, Jamie Lee Curtis. An unapologetic Hillary Clinton fan and known for opposing California’s Prop 8 laws supporting traditional marriage, Curtis tweeted her support last week for “our next president”:

In the show, Munsch acts like a good modern leftist, turning the other cheek while college kids are brutally murdered, one after the other, by the vicious Red Devil. Protagonists Zayday, Grace, and Pete challenge Munsch on her unwillingness to effectively protect students from the campus killer, instead appointing a useless security guard and phony detective just to claim that she did her best to catch the Red Devil. Her will to find the killer only surfaces after the Red Devil appears in her bathroom one night with a thirsty knife.

After heroically knocking the Red Devil down, Munsch grabs her shower robe and runs out of the bathroom, only to find two Red Devil killers with knives. Suspense is added when one of the killers approaches her from behind, dressed as Scalia.

“Wait a minute, are... are you supposed to be Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia?” Munsch exclaims.

The killer dressed as Scalia nods his head, giving Munsch an opportunity to prepare him for an ideological and physical beating.

When I was a junior, I spent a year abroad. I had an affair with a beautiful Eurasian man named Chon Wi Ha. He was a grand champion in the illegal Hong Kong fighting pits. Blood sport, they called it. I taught him everything I knew about making love. And in return, he taught me how to fight.

With just her bare limbs and no weapons, Munsch takes on the two armed Red Devils, next confronting fake Scalia about his stances on gay marriage and the Affordable Care Act while repeatedly slamming his head to a wooden desk.

The homosexual lifestyle is not destructive to the fabric of American society! The Voting Rights Act should be authorized in every state! And the Affordable Care Act does not require people to eat broccoli!

This is yet another symbolic physical takedown of a conservative in the show by a leftist. It follows the typical leftist narrative of "who's at fault" when knife-wielding terrorists attack and multiply. According to that narrative, conservative "white supremacists" are always responsible for people's heads being sawed off; perhaps for being racists or bigots. Even the "Supreme" in Scalia's title alludes to the "white supremacist" reference, somehow tying him to the beheading of students on the show's university campus.

It would be reasonable to assume Scream Queens has crossed the line with a vengeance in putting Scalia on the face of a killer and then having him slammed by a feminist character. Ironically, the Harvard-graduated, Reagan-appointed Justice was in the news just this past week for defending children against pedophiles and molesters. The feminist character, guilty of sexually taking advantage of a young college student in the show, walks a thin line between adultery and pedophilia.

Has Scream Queens dug its own grave by having a liberal child abuser beat a conservative who was just in the news for defending children against abusers? Scream Queens has clearly picked on the wrong Republican on this issue, flipping the joke on itself.